Cloud Services


Cloud Services (VMwarevRA, Nutanix CALM )

Organizations today view IT has an enabler of business. They need rapid deployment for applications. IT is today equipped with tools that help them eliminate the complexity and repetitive nature of infrastructure and application delivery and build a private cloud within their organization. With IT demands rising like never before cloud automation tools are getting extremely common within the organization.

IT individuals tied up with dull undertakings? With us you can automate everyday IT tasks and administration demands—giving you more opportunity to enhance.

Benefits :

  • Increase Productivity by leveraging a complete self-service portal.
  • Less time to cater requests.
  • Reduced errors.
  • Easily to integrate with best practices followed by organization.

What we do :

  • Help customers with deploying vRA from VMware and build single or multi-tier VM/ application blueprints.
  • Help customers with deploying CALM from Nutanix and build single or multi-tier VM/ application blueprints.
  • Using native tool orchestration tool automating various workflows in public cloud such as AWS & Azure.