Citius Cloud Services group of technical experts with their wide variety of experience and coming from past profiles as a SI, OEM, Partner and customer is a perfect combination to consult and guide your organization in all your IT decisions. As we are a trusted partner to a lot of a OEM’s we are able to bring the best of technologies and happy to share that knowledge with you to take a very well thought decision.

Do we want us to assist you in your future IT decisions? With us you can leave the tasks of evaluating various technologies and validating the solution that best fits your business needs on us —giving you more time to focus on your core business.

What we do :

  • Gather business requirements and understand your business goals.
  • Based on your business goals we work on recommendations and work with the customer towards achieving that goal.
  • Assist customers in technical evaluation of a product and submit a detailed report.
  • Assist customers on evaluating private and public cloud benefits and see what fits best.
  • Consult on hyperconverged, virtualization, backup and DR, VDI, networking and security and BCA solutions.
  • Validating private cloud deployment against standard best practices.