Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery ( VMware, Nutanix, Zerto)

Organizations caters huge volumes of digital data or information.Quite a bit of that information is significant. A few information is imperative to the survival and proceeded with activity of the business.

The effect of information misfortune or debasement from equipment failure, human blunder, hacking, and malware or such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, could be huge.

An arrangement for information reinforcement and reclamation of digital data is fundamental. Right solution with right planning can save business.

We are well verse in end to end integration of leading disaster recovery solution such as SRM from VMware, Nutanix’s Native replication, run book automation and DR workflows & Zerto.

Benefits :

  • Reduction of restore times and lower RTO & RPO
  • Minimize the interruption of Critical Processes and safeguard business operations
  • Simulating DR scenarios prior they take place in environment

What we do :

  • Deploying end to end solution.
  • Validating plans by simulating Disaster Recovery like situations.
  • Using orchestration for tasks execution while performing failover & failback .