Networking ( Mellanox , Brocade, NSX)

The benefits of virtualization now extend to the network infrastructure. Virtualization has enabled network functions to evolve from purpose-built hardware devices to software. Network virtualization (NV) is defined by the ability to create logical, virtual networks that are decoupled from the underlying network hardware to ensure the network can better integrate with and support increasingly virtual environments. Over the past decade, organizations have been adopting virtualization technologies at an accelerated rate. Network virtualization (NV) abstracts networking connectivity and services that have traditionally been delivered via hardware into a logical virtual network that is decoupled from and runs independently on top of a physical network in a hypervisor.

CitiusCloud Services offers a wide range of networking services ranging from traditional networking devices (hardware) to designing and implementing the complete SDN stack. Call us and we’ll match the right solution to your specific business needs.

Benefits of Today’s Hyper-Converged Infrastructures :

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Deployed remotely
  • Scales easily, up and down
  • Software-defined technology

What we do :

  • Install and configure Mellanox TOR switches
  • Install and Configure Brocade SAN switches
  • Install and configure Cisco Nexus
  • Install and Configure Array Network Load Balancers
  • Install and Configure VMware NSX-T
  • Remote Support