With the penetration of virtualization in datacentres security needs of the customers has also changed. Today we need to protect application with micro-segmentation at the workload level and granular security. Security can now be configured closer to the application wherever it is running. The software defined approach now also extends to networking and security. With protect their data, provide security best practises,

CitiusCloud Services offers a wide range of Security services partnering with industry leading security solutions.

What we do :

  • Our experts help deploy services like NSX, FLOW across hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Compliance and Audits
  • Security Hardening of infrastructures
  • Deploying security best practises
  • Assist customers maintain industry specific security compliance
  • Deployment and configuration of distributed firewall for virtualized environments using products like VMware NSX and Nutanix FLOW
  • Provide services to maintain security policies and rules for your various applications.