Infrastructure Migrations


Infrastructure Migrations

CitiusCloud's restrictive process structure helps you along your cloud relocation venture end to end. Regardless of whether you are venturing out the cloud or are hoping to expand workload on your cloud speculations, CitiusCloud can enable you to design, execute and deal with your cloud technique.

Imagine a scenario in which you could diminish in capital ventures and in licensing costs by solidifying your framework and moving your server farm to the cloud. Such results are just conceivable when firms like yours have the correct infrastructure migration expert as your companion. All things considered, numerous organizations ordinarily see server workload relocations as a lift and move sort of movement. This sort of movement decreases a portion of the capacity limit issues, however over the long haul, may prompt higher utilization cost on the cloud. Each effective framework union and workload migration to the private cloud, or to open cloud foundation, along these lines, requires a generous measure of arranging, structure and business progression procedures understanding; the motivation behind why undertakings like yours are going to CitiusCloud.

Benefits :

  • Reduction and /or dispensed with equipment and support costs.
  • Improved versatility and adaptability.
  • Expanded time for your IT assets to concentrate on business-driven undertakings versus support.

What we do :

  • Migration of workload from physical environment to chosen virtualization platform such as VMware, Nutanix, HyperV.
  • Migration to public cloud platforms such as VMware to AWS, Nutanix to XI services, Azure.
  • Cross hypervisor migration within VMware & Nutanix AHV, from VMware & HyperV to Nutanix, from AWS to Nutanix.